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Balancing 4 Kids, Keto, & Youtube- Meet Keto Momma!

Adrian, MI| Keto Momma documents her weight loss journey struggles and triumphs, shares recipes, reviews food, and vlogs all on her Youtube channel.

I created it [Youtube Channel] because I wanted to hold myself accountable. I felt if I was showing everyone what I was doing, I wouldn't mess it up.

Keto Momma is a single mom to 4 kids, she starts her day early at 4 Am and works full time!  She usually gets coffee ready and packs other drinks for work, only eating one meal then fasting the rest of the day.

Keto Momma's Keto journey started about 2 years ago when she says was at her "heaviest weight. I was depressed and in pain." She had gone to her doctor for a regular check-up when he told her to "put down the fork and walk." She left that day in tears, but those hard words from her doctor is what pushed her to start her Kerto journey.

I decided I wanted to find a weight loss group on Facebook or an app. I started seeing "keto" everywhere and decided to give it a try. 90 lbs lost later, I am glad I did.

Now that Keto Momma is on keto, her plantar fasciitis in her feet has gone away completely! She no longer has to take medication for high blood pressure, and her anxiety and depression has gone down drastically. "I am much more active, enjoy walks and spending time outside. I can go through the summer without sweating to death and being miserable! lol," she says.

One of the challenges Keto Momma faced was her kids; as they enjoy eating candy and carbs on occasion. She once ate a ton of sugar cookies her daughter had left on the stove late at night, and immediately felt horrible and upset with not only her body but her mind. "But what I learned was to just make my next meal keto and keep going, never give up on it." She says. 


Keto Momma's go-to Keto meals are egg rolls in a bowl, Keto chili, tacos, a huge salad, and eggs and bacon! A snack she has created is hard salami with cream cheese in it and some pizza flavored parmesan crisps all rolled up! Yummy.

Some of the mistakes she sees beginners make on keto is letting the "Keto Police" get to them. "Keto is a metabolic state, not only food!" she says, and that there are some things people can eat that you can't and vice versa, so don't let it get you down! Find what works for you and what doesn't. Another thing is to make sure you pay attention to your electrolytes. That is so so important. Keep up on those and you will never have to deal with the keto flu. 


Keto Mommas top three tips for Keto is:

1. Find a support group online

2. Watch keto youtube channels

3. Try tracking your macros in carb manager or a similar tracking app.

If you are struggling, always go back to basic foods until you can figure out what it is that is kicking you from ketosis.


You can follow Keto Momma on:

Youtube - KetoMomma

Facebook - Keto Momma

Twitter - @ketomomma82 

Instagram - @ketomomma82 


  • Shonie Warden

    Congrats on this interview! I’m hoping you continue to do well and get back in there with all the different kinds of videos we fell in love with you for..


    <3 She deserves all the good things in the world , this momma worked/works HARD!

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