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Keto and Vegetarian - Indian style!

Frisco, TX| Hetal Jannu, known from her YouTube channel "EasyToKeto", where she navigates through the process of starting and maintaining a vegetarian ketogenic lifestyle.

Hetal's Keto journey had a difficult start as she was struggling to find good vegetarian keto meals, and found it almost impossible to stick to her plan.

I was starving and I gave up within 2 weeks of starting. I am hoping to help people who are starting this journey, avoid the mistakes I made.


Now she has many vegetarian and Indian style meals that she shares over at her YouTube channel. 

Hetal starts her day around 7:30 AM with intermittent fasting; starting the morning with a large 20 oz hot green tea, sweetened with just a hint of stevia/monk fruit. After that, she'll have another 20 oz of cold water with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt, and just a bit of stevia/monk fruit. Her first real meal isn't until around 2 pm.

Hetal started her keto at first as a way to support her husband with his weight loss and to be able to cook for him, as Hetal never had a weight issue herself. In doing the research about keto and understanding what could and couldn't be eaten, she realized that carbs were the cause of inflammation in the body. For years, she had been suffering from unexplainable joint pain and was accustomed to taking ibuprofen very often for achy joints, but since starting keto, she has been joint pain-free!


I thought, why not give this a shot. I was doing this for my husband anyway, so I did not have much to lose...It's almost like a miracle. My husband has also come off certain medications that he was taking for years, in addition to losing weight. After seeing results like these, it's hard to imagine going back to the normal way of eating. Keto is our new normal.


The biggest challenge for Hetal was not being able to eat beans/legumes. Being a vegetarian and also being Indian, she was used to having some form of "daal" every day because that was her biggest protein source. Hetal soon realized that she needed to change her mental perspective about what meals should look like and go from there. She has found other sources of protein, as well as creating new keto recipes that mimic some of the old ones she was used to.

Hetal's go-to meals are Indian style vegetables just with more fat, usually having them with low carb chapati or tortilla. She also enjoys eating large salads with lots of veggies, avocados, cheese, etc almost every day!

She has created many recipes I've created while on keto, and is super proud of her Keto Lupin Daal. She says "It tastes so much like the real thing that I almost forget that I'm on keto."


Common mistakes Hetal see most people making is starting keto on a Monday and keeping it up until Friday. "Once the weekend hits, they feel like they can cheat not realizing that it takes quite a while for your body to get back into ketosis. I do cheat from time to time, but it's only for special occasions like a birthday or vacation. I make sure I get back on track immediately and not fall off the wagon." She explains. 

Hetal's top 3 tips to be successful on Keto are:

1. Stock your pantry with the essentials.

The biggest mistake she made was starting keto before stocking her pantry with keto essentials. She would be hungry and see an amazing looking recipe online, only to realize that she didn't have the ingredients required on hand. "Once I had the basic items, there was no excuse to cheat. I see a lot of people that are not equipped to start keto and eventually fail." She says.

2. Bring your food with you.

"When I go to a party or friend's house, there is always some sort of dip/queso/hummus, etc. I always carry a little baggy of homemade keto chips with me." She mentions. Since most dips are pretty keto-friendly, she is able to enjoy them with my chips without feeling left out. she also takes the chips with her to restaurants to have with salsa, queso, etc.

3. Change the way you see your meals.

We all are used to seeing the way our meal looks like on a plate. Hetal reminds us that  "When you're on keto, that plate will not look the same -- and that's ok. It's just a matter of getting used to something different."



You can follow Hetal on:

YouTube: EasyToKeto
Instagram: @EasyToKeto

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