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Kids & Keto: How this mom balances both!

Elizabeth Tenney, more known as lizketobunny a single mother of two from Millbrook, Alabama knows all about balancing her kids and being on keto! 


Elizabeth's morning routine starts with waking up the kids, then making a low carb lunch and snack for her daughter. After dropping her off at school she makes a coffee & electrolyte drink then heads off to work. 


        chickpea Rotini , wings, low carb cookies, grapes, and multivitamins.

Chickpea Rotini, chicken wings, low-carb cookies, grapes, and multivitamins.

Elizabeth has a teenage boy and a 'sassy' 9-year-old daughter. "Kids are great and I love them but, boy do they give you headaches!"She says. Kids can definitely be though especially when it comes to what food to make for them, but Liz's kids have no problem with their keto meals!


Elizabeth started her Keto journey in March 2017 with the intention of just losing weight, 3 years later and she has gotten beyond that! Keto taught her that she's more than just a number on the scale, helped kick a 13-year-old habit of smoking cigarettes, taught her about her cystic acne and how to treat them, and most importantly helped gain her confidence back!




"Keto is definitely a lifestyle you have to change your life for. You can’t start keto thinking it’s just a diet, you have to say “Ok self, let’s change our life for the better; let’s change our old habits into new habits.”" She mentions.


Some challenges Elizabeth faced throughout her keto journey was telling her mom, “No, I can’t eat that.” Her mom makes bomb Korean food and it's hard to turn down her food. So instead Liz 'Ketofies' the Korean meals!

Another challenge for her would be alcohol, you most definitely can’t drink as you used too before keto. "I gave up my carbs for keto, I’m not giving up my alcohol. Sorry, not sorry. That’s just me lol." she says.


Elizabeth's go-to keto meal is bacon, avocado, and eggs with some salsa she calls it B.A.E. 😍 Basic simple keto is best!

A special recipe Liz has created is hot water cornbread, which the base can be used for things like churros and funnel cakes. Yummy!


Liz's 3 tips for a successful keto journey is:

1- Don’t stress yourself out
2- Don't overcomplicate it
3- Focus on carbs, not overcomplicated things!



Elizabeth says "Don’t stress yourself out. Just focus on your carb count. Everything else will fall in place and it will get easier. Keto snacks can be the devil, but they can also help you. You have to not let the snacks control you. And don’t go buying everything you see on social media lol."



 You can follow Elizabeth on:

 Instagram - @lizketobunny

Facebook - Lizketobunny

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