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Road to Fertility: Kimmy's Keto Journey

Meet Kimmy Nguyen – The women behind Ketokimk on Instagram, where she shares delicious keto recipes! 


Kimmy's Journey started when she got engaged. An exciting time for any fian but for Kimmy, the excitement quickly turned glum as she pictured herself in a wedding dress and was reminded of how unhappy she was with her body. 

This wasn't the only thing on her mind, with the engagement and wedding dress this lead her to also think about having children. For years Kimmy also struggled with periods, something that was supposed to come regularly every month only came once every 3-4 months for her. The thought of this would cause her to panic to think that it could lead to infertility problems down the road. 

Kimmy decided to change her eating habits and started doing keto, with her goals in mind for her wedding and overall lifestyle change. It became something she wanted to do more than just until the wedding day but for a long time. 

A year and a half into keto and Kimmy has lost over 50pounds! She is halfway to her goal and is determined she will reach her goal one day.  


Kimmy's mornings start at 6 am with a full glass of ice water as soon as she wakes up, she doesn't eat breakfast as she is intermittent fasting.

Her keto style is lazy/dirty keto. Besides feeling and looking better on keto since she started keto she has gotten her period back regularly! This made her realize how horrible she was treating her body before.

"Being healthy means I’ll be able to have healthy babies, and that’s is really important to me because my dream is to be a mother," she says.

challenge Kimmy faces during keto is Binge eating:

"I am a binge eater. When I allow myself to cheat once in a while, I GO HARD! I carb up like there’s no tomorrow and then I feel sick. I need to learn to cheat in moderation." She says.

A Common mistake she sees keto people do when starting is that they do not do enough research, and start keto blindly (her pet peeve) because they never do it right. 

Kimmy's favorite go-to meal is cream cheese & spinach stuffed jalapeño poppers that are wrapped with bacon.


She has many recipes on her Instagram account ketokimk. You should check out her easy broken cabbage rolls! And keto fried rice. 

Here are Kimmy's 3 tips for keto:

1. Cook everything in bulk and freeze them into little portions for future meals so that you don't have to cook on lazy days

2. Meal prep for success! Meal prep one a day every week so that you stay on track. 

3. Keep your recipes simple and fast makes sticking to keto easier. People tend to fall off keto when they overthink. Basic is best. 

Follow Kimmy on Instagram at: @ketokimk

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