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MS & Inflammation: Keto helps both - Samantha's Journey

New Orleans, LA| Samantha Bazile’s weight loss journey began since she was young. Being overweight almost her entire life she first recalls starting to diet during elementary school, before her body had even fully developed. Of course, at that age when your body is constantly changing and growing, diets tend to not work, she would lose some weight then just gain it back again.

Fast forward to adulthood and Samantha is diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) a devasting condition for anyone to have, and after dealing with the pain for many years Samantha was always looking for a way to alleviate the symptoms of her autoimmune condition. One day when researching she learned about the keto lifestyle and how it could help with the reduction of inflammation.

Immediately Samantha made the switch to a ketogenic lifestyle with the intention of just reducing the inflammation but of course, also got the bonus of significant weight loss!



 “In the beginning, it was the stigma of deciding to pursue the keto style of eating.  People always have their own unsolicited opinions as it related to your lifestyle!   I was never a huge pasta, rice or bread eater - SWEETS were always my nemesis.  Once I realized there are healthier ways to make some of my favorite treats I was fine!” Samantha says.



Samantha celebrates her one-year keto anniversary this past June!



Samantha typically starts her day at 6 am and is off to work where she will intermittent fast until lunchtime because she’s been eating more nutritionally dense foods, she’s not hungry in the morning. Then immediately after work she workouts, and finds that it's easier to get through harder workouts with IF and feels her energy has increased, which is extremely important to because fatigue can be a major symptom for MS.



“I've found this lifestyle to be extremely easy to keep up” Samantha says.

“I've found this lifestyle to be extremely easy to keep up!” She exclaims.

Samantha’s likes to keep her meals as simple as possible, some of her favorite dishes are:

  1. A.E (Bacon, Avocado, and eggs.) which she has at least 3 times weekly
  2. Steak with some veggie sides (asparagus, Brussel sprouts, wilted spinach),
  3. Spinach salads loaded with toppings (eggs, bacon, olives, cheese, etc.).

All very yummy I would say!


Samantha talks about what you should avoid doing when starting the keto lifestyle:

TOO MANY KETO PRODUCTS!  She says “ it's important to stick to whole foods.  Track your macros and calories and make sure you're eating nutritionally dense foods. As keto becomes more of a lifestyle, maybe start to incorporate SOME keto products for convenience (travel, late nights, etc.) but keep it to a minimum.”

Samantha says she didn't use keto products during the first 5-6 months of her keto journey, and when she discovered the keto market she “went crazy” with buying and trying out the products. She advises not to do that, and that you don't NEED any of these products to start your keto journey.


Samantha’s top 3 tips for a successful Keto journey is:


  1. TAKE PICTURES!! You're going to want to see the physical progress.  The scale is just one part of the process - also pay attention to your measurements and how your clothes fit.  
  1. Focus on getting into ketosis with real food in the beginning - track your macros and don’t worry about keto products.   
  1. Take your electrolytes (We’ll cheers to that!🥂)


 You can follow Samantha on:

 Instagram - samantha.does.keto


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