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Tragedy, Pain, Healing: Allice's journey to healing with Keto

Through hard work, perseverance and a good attitude, a journey that once started out with tragedy and pain became a stepping stone towards achievement. Allice has been helping people make a change and stay motivated while on keto through her Instagram.


Before and after Keto @allice_in_ketoland

Before starting her keto journey Allice loved weight lifting and just working out in general, this allowed her to eat whatever she wanted. Then one day in 2010 working out as she'd known it would be changed forever when she got dragged by a car and suffered injuries to the right side of her body. Breaking her foot in two places, dislocating her knee, shoulder, and herniating two discs in her back. 

This tradegy caused her to gain 50lbs in a year and then depression set it.

Before Keto @allice_in_ketoland


Allice would continue to work out but would always injure her back causing her to be out of commission for a month and then gain the weight back. Progress was slow. Now that her body couldn’t keep up she knew she needed to change. She knew she had to change my mindset on diet.

When one of Allice's friends started doing keto, she skeptically watched his progress for two years and his transformation blew her mind! She quickly jumped into keto with both feet and never stopped since.

Now that Allice is on keto she has noticed a lot of differences to her body and to her life. Most importantly her pain levels have decreased. On a daily basis, she was at a 7/10 pain level due to the strain of the extra weight that her mid-section had on her back. Now it's at a manageable 3/10!  It’s easier for her to work out since there’s less weight pushing on her joints.

Allice has lost 63lbs in a year and got down to her goal weight (150lbs) a week after her ketoversary! 


Before and after with @allice_in_ketoland

She has gone from a size 16 to a size 8!

Energy is another huge difference she experienced. Before keto, she would be cranky, tired and would have to constantly nap to get through the day. Now that she is running on ketones she feels way more energetic and happier! 

Allice also shared some of her biggest challenges while on keto, one of her biggest challenges being processed keto snacks, she wanted to try everything because she felt like she was supposed to treat herself so she wouldn't binge later. However, after doing keto for a few months she realized she wasn’t even craving processed snacks. All she wanted was real food!

Some common mistakes Allice sees people making when starting out on the keto diet are processed keto snacks - Just stay away she says. On a few occasions, she does have a treat like a protein bar, but she doesn't eat the whole thing.

"If taking a bite of something satisfies your craving then do it and have the discipline to stop. You also have to be realistic with yourself. If taking a bite of something is going to spiral you, then don’t even go there. Don’t have cheat days, planned or otherwise, instead do it if it fits your macros." she says.

before and after

Allice also shares her top 3 tips for beginners to be successful on keto:

1. Be in the right mindset. Weight loss is difficult so you have to be mentally ready to commit. 

2. Stick to basics. Don’t get sucked into the fancy keto desserts and meals. The more basic your meals are the less you need to calculate. I didn’t track anything during my keto journey because I stuck to meats, cheese, and veggies. Most of the time I didn’t even count carbs in my veggies. 

3. Follow through and try different things. No matter what journey you’re on don’t give up. It took me 8 years of failing on numerous diets to come across keto! Just keep trying until you find what works for you. I started keto and then discovered my body responds even better on the carnivore diet. I also tried the egg fasts, vegetarian keto, extended fasts, etc to see what works and doesn’t work for me. Everyone is different so you won’t know unless you try. 
You can find Allice on Instagram at @allice_in_ketoland


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